Agile Testing — The time and money saver

Mobile applications or apps as they are commonly called have become an integral part of our lives in recent years. According to studies around 80% of the time spent on mobiles is spent using apps.In modern day apps market, user’s ratings and reviews are the measures by which an app’s failure or success will be determined. The better the user experience, better will be the rating consequently resulting is success of the app and generation of revenues to it’s owners. The software has to be tested time and again to check its consistency and usability so that the user can have a good experience while using that particular app .

Mobile app Testing is a process where the application software is tested for its consistency, functionality and usability. There are many ways in which this is done of which one of the most popular is mobile app testing in agile testing environment. To put it in simple terms, Agile Testing is a software testing practice that follows the principles of agile software development. Agile testing is basically a very fast and iterative model of software development or testing. The duration of the iteration varies from project to project, typically between 1 week and 4 weeks

A software should not be developed like a automobile on an assembly line in which each component is added in sequence.In such sequential steps, every step of the project has to be completed before the next step can begin because of which it leads to delays and thus the apps cannot be put in market in time leading to loss in revenue. Compared to the traditional form of testing like the waterfall model where each step is more thorough and heavily reliant on documentation and time consuming, in agile methodology testing is not considered as a phase of the development cycle but rather a recurring step. The requirements are prioritized, business team inputs are taken and sprints are decided. Sprints are complete development life-cycle within the agile environment. This type of testing focuses more on individuals, customer collaboration and working software. There is hardly any documentation in agile testing method.

Agile testing is an “inspect and adapt “approach as every aspect of the development is continually revisited throughout the life-cycle and if some errors do crop up the team will have time to fix it and steer it in right direction thus enabling the team in developing a right software product. This approach will also lead to a better communication with the clients, better working relationship between the developer and testers as everyone is expected to work closely together to achieve a common goal: a high quality software product that meet all the requirements of the client or end users. If we observe the current trend, the sales and download of the apps is increasing very rapidly and conversely customer’s patience to the glitches is decreasing. So the companies have to opt for faster testing methods like agile testing so that they can fix glitches at a faster pace and thus keep the customers happy. More information visit mobile apps testing blogs