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Why do programmers like Scrum?

I love Scrum!

Today I’ve got feedback on one of my previous articles about Scrum: “The text shows that scrum is great because programmers like it. But there is nothing about why they like it, this part is missing (…)” I wrote this text to fill in the mentioned gap.

I must warn you! Not all programmers like Scrum. To work in Scrum and to be satisfied with it requires having certain qualities. Fortunately, most devs have them. I continue to focus on these characteristics, because I always say that …

programmers are intelligent

Did you not know that? They are, they just are. They like to learn, they like games and charades. They are satisfied when they can develop themselves. They like challenges. They can perfectly understand what the product is for and what customer needs it has to fulfill. The result is that if they feel that something depends on them, they get involved in the process of product creation because…

programmers are creative

or at least most of them are creative. Transparency between the business and the Scrum Team allows developers to propose solutions that are not obvious to stakeholders or the Product Owner. There is a saying “two heads are better than one” and we have a whole set of heads in the team — you can’t waste it. In Scrum, the entire team creates a product, collects feedback and discusses it. The micro-management of the creation process destroys this creativity. The team can be self-managed and is willing to do so because …

programmers want to be trusted

Scrum builds trust. During the Planning session the team commits to deliver: “OK, we’ll do the selected User Stories by the end of the sprint. They will be ready, tested and integrated”. So, the PO must show faith in them, not interfere and let them work, discuss, leave earlier or sit longer — this is the team’s choice. They repay PO with engagement, because at the end …

programmers like to be appreciated

I guess everyone likes to be appreciated. The cash on the bank account at the end of the month is a sign of appreciation, but few things can cause the same level of satisfaction as the Product Owner or a stakeholder praising the product during the Sprint Review. In Scrum, this may happen in every Sprint. Sometimes this is more important than another cash bonus.

Scrum rewards and develops the above mentioned qualities of programmers. That’s why developers who do not become passive encoders, really enjoy working in this mode. The confidence placed in them and the lack of pressure to deliver faster results in a calm and stable working atmosphere. Getting up in the morning and meeting the team is something you are waiting for, and recommending such a company to a friend is a pleasure.



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