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Agile is for Everyone

Agile is for Everyone. Interview with Founders of Agile World Sabrina C E Bruce and Karl A L Smith, Agile has transcended software development.

Excerpt from the launch show of the Agile World Better English show where Steve Moubray is asking one of the founders of Agile World Karl A L Smith about a statement he has made that “Agile is for Everyone”. Listen or watch the whole show - Agile World Better English talk show with Cynthia Kahn and Steve Moubray S3 E9




Agile World is Broadcast Media organisation based in Hollywood, California set up to make and distribute Agile media, entertainment and educational materials, it is an initiative of the nonprofit Agile World Incorporated C4780724 also based in Hollywood, California.

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Karl A L Smith

Karl A L Smith

futurist, visionary, inventor, founder, engineer, scientist, polymath and author, #kol #agileworld #atom #futureofwork #agiletransformation #ux #iot #ai the hum

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