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5 Virtual Team Building Activities Your Remote Teams Will Love

Agile Actors
Sep 15 · 3 min read

At Agile Actors, we go out of our way to guarantee that our professionals are happy and that their working conditions are anything but excellent.

Having our professionals always in mind and at the core of our operations, we always try our best to provide an environment that encourages and promotes continuous professional and personal growth and development. Helping our professionals reach their full potential. Τeamwork is of extreme importance in the Agile Actors ecosystem, as it brings employees closer together by sharing a mutual vision, values and goals.

With these in mind here is a useful list of 5 team-building activities which you can enjoy with the rest of your colleagues online.

  1. Group Chat Socialising. Creating a channel on any platform that can facilitate Group chatting. This is an asynchronous yet very useful way for the teams to bond. The specific group chat should not be about work-related issues. It should be dedicated to commenting on everyday events and news, celebrating birthdays, even talking about what you had for lunch. You can exchange recipes, advice and weather information especially if you all reside in different places around the globe.
  2. Gif Channel. This is one of the most fascinating and funny ways to bond with the rest of your team. You can create a channel of communication where everyone will be conveying their feelings, thoughts and status via Gifs.
  3. Open your Home. This activity allows the team to have a look at the living and working environment of their colleague. Sharing photos or even broadcasting live and giving a tour of your establishment to your colleagues. You can have an Open Your Home day where every week a colleague will be showing their home to the rest of the team.
  4. Virtual Coffee or Drinks. Having a standard date every week to enjoy some relaxing time with your colleagues over coffee or drinks is a great way to connect. Enjoying virtual drinks every Friday afternoon is a way to bring the team together, have a few laughs and wrap up the week in good spirit.
  5. Icebreaker Questions. If you have a hard time getting your team to connect or if you do not know where to start from with the virtual team-building all you have to do is gather a few Icebreaker questions to ask during your first session. You can start by asking simple, surface questions and allow for the team members to expand on those. All you need to do is be open and ready to have fun with your team.

Working remotely can be challenging at times, and you need to find ways to keep your team members connected and give them a sense of belongingness. It is not easy but there are always ways to achieve this. Check out what we have organised to enhance team-building.


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