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React vs Angular: All Important Differences Summed Up In An Infographic

Agile Actors
Sep 17 · 2 min read

Angular and React have become particularly popular. Angular is a JavaScript, open-source framework, based entirely on HTML and JavaScript with an MVC architecture used in building dynamic web-based applications. React, on the other hand, is an open-source, JavaScript library. It is used for building user interfaces with rendering performance.

While Angular started out as a Google project it later developed and turned into an open-source framework. React was introduced by Facebook and this too, later became open-source.

AngularJS solves the problem of developing single-page applications while React tackles the major problem of rendering the large data sets of web applications efficiently. React creates reusable UI components by handling the view layer of mobile and web applications. It allows developers to build large web applications with fast and highly scalable pages that do not require continuous reloading.

The Significant Differences between the two are primarily located in 8 factors and these are: Abstraction, debugging, templates, framework, binding, performance, learning curve and native applications. To find out more about these you can check out this analytical and informative Infographic below:

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