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Why Do We Consider Agile Actors a Learning Ecosystem?

Agile Actors
Sep 23 · 2 min read

Agile Actors is a learning organization and ecosystem. We provide ambitious and talented tech professionals with the right guidance and resources to continuously improve their technical and key (soft) skills in order for them to pursue their career goals within our ecosystem through constant learning.

Within our ecosystem, we have created communities of professionals who specialize in the same field in addition to sharing the same values. We call them Chapters! Each chapter crosscuts through all teams and includes all professionals of similar domain expertise, such that all front-end developers are on the same chapter, the back-end developers in another chapter and so forth. The chapters are led and developed by the chapter leaders who in collaboration with the Chapter Boards, play an important role in driving aspiring professionals in the right direction, training them and preparing them to craft their own role when they feel ready and reach their next stage of development.

The 3 Main Pillars of the Agile Actors Learning Ecosystem

In order to drive and ensure the continuous growth of our professionals, we rely on continuous learning which has the following pillars as a foundation:

  • Coaching: Through the Agile Actors Coaching Model, each professional is assigned a coach with the same technical expertise. Coach and coachee meet every 2 weeks to set objectives and key results (OKRs).
  • Training: Receive customized training that meets a professional’s and/or project’s developmental needs, as well as key (soft) skills that boost and promote our culture and values.
  • Practice: Working on cutting edge technologies and developing skills first hand through challenging projects.

A Description of Our Learning Ecosystem: Meet Natalie!

See how we implement our growth strategy on a day to day basis to help our professionals grow both personally and professionally via Coaching, Training (Learning) and Practicing.

Want to be part of our Learning Ecosystem and start a new chapter in your professional career? Check our job openings.


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