Agile and beyond !
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Agile and beyond !

What Agile is Not?

This article talks about leveraging the working backwards approach with agile. While discussing with someone in the context of this article, the argument shifted into something like “but working backwards is also actually agile”.

I don’t know about you, but many agilists refer to anything and everything under the sun as agile these days. This is in line with of course a popular framework that seems to be a keyword magnet adding every imaginable concept with the latest editions :)

I think the big question we will be asking in a few years is not if we have taken agile too far? But what is “not agile”. I am not referring to philosophical discussions about agility. That part is fine. Agility should be the goal and we must employ anything and everything possible under the sun to strive for it.

But from a practical logistical standpoint of say a learner or a trainer to begin with. Agile is also a domain or discipline that will need a clear definition and some boundaries — that define what it is and what it is not. Don’t we? or Agile can continue to be this ever ever-expanding domain?

What would be your view on this?




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