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Interesting report from LinkedIn on career growth and skills connection.

People are primarily learning because they want career development, so any learning that does not align with that is not going to interest them.

Something especially to note for when we are designing training programs as agile coaches/experts.

The practices you want to teach may be excellent. However, if they are not going to help people in their day-to-day to have an impact on their job, eventually enabling their career development — the interest is going to be lackadaisical.

Read the full report here —

The Career Growth & Skills Connection (



Your website or application is not complimentary addition to your business. It is a core part of your business. It can make or break your business.

Netflix’s core business is media and entertainment, yet Netflix is regarded also as one of the key technology companies. Its technology blog on medium has over 3.5K followers .

While they make some great content, the platform user experience is so seamless and intuitive that it never comes in the way of their core value proposition — to entertain the world.

Whatever your core product or value proposition, you have to think digital first to stay far ahead of the competition.



Useful read for software engineers

The article could have had some more depth and details. But from the perspective of a CXO who is looking at a bird’s eye view of what is important, it does give a decent representation.

I especially like the part where scaling has been moved out of the core. Much waste has been generated past few years by everyone pushing some scaled framework training down to all levels, especially junior developers, when it’s not needed.

They would be far better off with a good understanding of Scrum, User Stories and Test-First approaches.

Source: 12 Agile Skills for Software Developers (

Read the full article from Gartner here:

12 Agile Skills for Software Developers (



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Conversations and the right level of elaboration for whatever you are trying to build at that point of time is crucial.

Not to say the concept of user stories and the formats of writing them are not helpful. They definitely are.

However users stories and their formats are still “tools”, the interactions matter much more.



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1️⃣ #quietquitting is often visible. A good leader would always know when staff is #quietquitting . They may not do anything about it for many factors but they know. If leaders don’t know, then you have a much bigger problem.

2️⃣ #quietquitting isn’t new. The fact that it trends now just indicates probably a lot more people are doing it now than earlier.

3️⃣ While a lot of executives are worried about the #greatresignation and #attrition trends, probably they should be more worried about the employees who are #quietquitting. The path to a resignation often goes through #quietquitting, not to mention the loss in #productivity that most executives are so passionate about.



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This is an interesting one from #SundarPichai. He is not saying outcomes are not important. Outcomes definitely are,

However, If you really want to build an innovative culture, one where people strive to think and break boundaries, they need to take the long shots and some of those shots will fail.

If you reward the ones who take the simple shots and succeed and don’t reward those who take the long shots and fail, out of the window goes your culture of innovation as everyone tries to play safe and within the boundaries.



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