I Freelance

Agilist. Consultant. Product Manager. Developer.


I’m Rajesh. I am a Freelance Agile Development Practitioner with 18+ years experience. Below are a few kind of Gigs I enjoy doing.

I am passionate about helping teams work joyfully and create products that delight customers. If you are a Startup Founder or a Team Sponsor, I can bring in a third voice backed by independent research and user studies. 
 A voice that can assist your Product Owner answer the question “Why should we build this?” Or a voice for your Scrum Team when deciding how to build the next great thing.

If you own a Small/Medium Business, I can help you with an IT Strategy for leveraging the right SaaS and Cloud services. I will be most empathetic to your Org Design, Culture and your Teams communication flow when figuring out the tools/services.

If you are an IT Manager working in a Corporate, I can be your advisor and help create Learning Plans with Playlists of activities to meet your learning goals. Or design customised training capsules for your team — with follow-ups to habituate and monitor the change.

If where I work (a village or in the mountains) is not a barrier, say Hello back.

Write to me at rajesh@agileconnexions.com.

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