Christmas candles

Last month we began with an overview of our blogs that were written in November. We promised that from now on, at the beginning of every month, you will be able to see, which Drupal blogs we have written for you over the past month. With that, you will be better informed. So, here’s our December’s work.

Besides an overview of November’s blogs from us and from other authors, we began our December’s work with Drupal Camps in Middle America. There have been some complaints about the choice of the term Middle America, but we stand by our decision, which we also explained in the blog post. However, two big Drupal Camps were found in that area, making a good promotion for Drupal.

Drupal Commerce

We continued with Drupal Commerce 2.x for Drupal 8, which was written by our CEO Iztok Smolic, who had a session on Drupal Camp Munich under the same name. So, all of you who have missed the session, here’s a chance to learn something new about Commerce 2.x. Prior to that, Acquia announced its partnership with Magento. There are assurances that Drupal commerce is not neglected, but we’ll see about that in the future.

And there was only one continent left to analyse Drupal Camps. It was Oceania, which was a pleasant surprise. It offered stability, because from 2008 there was at least one Drupal Camp organized every year and from 2014 there were at least three Drupal Camps organized every year. It’s true that this year all of them were in Australia, but New Zealand also helped in the past.

Janez Urevc

Then it was time to give voice to other important people in Drupal Community as well. Therefore, we have made an interview with Janez Urevc, a Slovenian mastermind when it comes to Drupal and its connection with media. We talked about Drupal events, Drupal community and media management, which is considered as the main weakness in Drupal’s core.

I want to further read the post.