Drupal Blogs from March

Our blog activities were very frequent in March. We have written many blog posts for you and now it’s time to look at them, in case you have missed any. Moreover, we will also look at the best Drupal Blogs that were written in March by other authors.

We started last month with Drupal Logos as Fruits and Vegetables. It was the second part of our »Druplicon marathon«, where we have analysed how Druplicons can be designed as fruits and vegetables. We have immediately received the missing ones in the field of Humans and Superhumans and a Buckeye tree fruit, which was mixed with a hedgehog.

Without a hedgehog, our Drupal Logos in the shapes of Animals, were impoverished. Nevertheless, we still managed to find eight of them. Moreover, we later received a bat and an octopus as well, so the collection grew.

Our third blog topic was Drupal Logos Taking Part in Outdoor Activities. We have chosen it, because at the time, winter was gone and more activities were able to be done outside. We did not find as many Druplicons as before and also did not receive any.

We continued our month and »Druplicon marathon« with Drupal Logos representing National Identities. Every time, when we finished a blog post about Druplicons, we were sure that we hardly missed any. This time, we were for certain that we did not covered them all. Our speculations were soon confirmed, when a lot of new Druplicons representing national identities came into our twitter account. Therefore, the collection of Drupal Logos was the biggest in this area.

Our fifth blog post was dedicated to Drupal Logos Showing Emotions. We were sure that we would not find many of them and also defined a task to be very hard. We were wrong, because a lot of emotions were shown by Druplicons. The feedback from the readers was also back, although only one of the missing Drupal Logos came into our twitter account.

And (finally) our »Druplicon marathon« was interrupted with Responsive Images in Drupal 8. This blog post presented a problem of how users don’t want to display the same image size on a mobile and on a desktop, because a 2000px wide image is not needed on a 480px device. Therefore, Tina Panzalovic presented two modules, of which one was Responsive Image, which help you resolve the problem. With Responsive Image images are then specifically sized for the screen.

March was concluded with our last blog post Drupal Logos in Human Professions. We have promised you this blog post a long time ago, but postponed it very deep into the »Druplicon marathon«. Nevertheless, Human Professions also came to life and were very well covered, especially because no one found any of the missing ones.

The best Drupal Blogs from March by other authors.