DrupalCon sessions about Symfony

Last time, we gathered together DrupalCon Baltimore sessions about Business. Before that, we explored the area of PHP, DevOps, Front End, Site Building, Drupal Showcase, Coding and Development, Project Management and Case Studies. Quite a lot of areas, so this will be our last stop. We will only look at Drupalcon sessions about Symfony.

Events: The Object Oriented Hook System by Nida Ismail Shah from Acquia

This session threw some light on how to create, trigger, subscribe and listen to events in Drupal 8.

Everything about Unicode all PHP devs should know by Nicolas Grekas fromSensioLabs

This session dived into Unicode vocabularies that snapshots some important linguistic and cultural bits of our times. It showed how developers have been given the privilege to play with them at the technical level.

How I learned to Stop Wiring and Love Autowiring Containers by Beau Simensen fromSensioLabs

In this session the developer presented his journey into the wild world of containers. Attendees learned how autowiring works and their using can free them from having to manually configure every dependency.

More sessions from DrupalCon Baltimore about Symfony.