Top Drupal Blogs from June

Because of the summer, many people were or are going to the holidays. But that doesn’t mean that they rested. In fact, there were many high-quality blog post about Drupal in the past month, so let’s take a lot at the top Drupal Blogs from June.

We’ll start with Sasa Nikolic and his Nested Paragraphs Translation. In this blog post the author warns that translating content in Drupal isn’t a straightforward task and has many obstacles. So, he recapped the basics first and then dug deeper in nested paragraph translation.

Our second choice is a fascinating story of how Jack switched his career from teaching English to web development titled Learning Web Development with Agile Collective. He reveals how everything began and what all he learned on the way.

We continue with When Drupal Met CARTO from Pablo López Escobés. The author reveals that Drupal hasn’t always been the best option for handling spatial data visualisation. Therefore, he offers a solution with the combination of Drupal and CARTO, a powerful spatial data analysis platform.

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