Travel and Holiday sites on Drupal

As we like to point out, it is summer time and some of you will still go on a vacation. You will rest and gain more energy to later begin with new challenges. It’s up to you to decide how you would like to spend your free time. Will you travel or just lay on the beach? Be it either way, you can help yourself with this holiday and travel sites, made on Drupal.

There are many exotic places on earth to visit and one is definitely Fiji. It’s true that all the flights to the island are long, with the closest one from New Zealand lasts three hours, but the island has a lot to offer. So in order to make sure that tourists came and will come there, the official website of Tourism Fiji had to make a responsive, attractive, interactive, user-friendly, and multilingual site and opted for Drupal.

The next one is Boreal Mountain Resort, which Helps Skiers Find Resort Information Quickly. They have chosen Drupal, because of the speed. Namely, their main goal is to get skiers to the mountain quicker, so the site’s design and development had to be quick as well.

The third is the Princess cruise app, which is built on Drupal. The application lets passengers of the ship access the ship’s schedule of events, stateroom account, itinerary, instant messaging, and personalized cruise planner. It’s definitely comforting to be a passenger with it.

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