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All You Need to Know About Backlog Grooming

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Backlog Grooming

  • Clarification on what will be worked on next
  • Ensuring high priority items contain all specifications and requirements needed
  • Creation of new stories reflecting new needs
  • Re-assessing priorities
  • Editing/strengthening existing stories
  • Story estimation determining effort and time
  • Creation of sub-tasks
  • Removal of unnecessary items






An un-groomed backlog can cause frustration amongst the team members

Backlog Grooming Practices That Work

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1. Size of the backlog

2. Update statuses and leave comments

3. Write clear summaries

4. Write concrete tickets

5. Epics are not labels

6. Challenge estimations with comparable reference stories

7. Estimate ALL issues

8. Plan some sprints ahead

9. “I will create a ticket“

10. Don‘t be afraid to close issues



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