Top AI Product Management Courses for 2024
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If you’re beginning your journey in product management and recognize the growing influence of AI in your field, or if you’re seeking AI’s assistance to advance in your career, you’re not alone. Many share this sentiment, prompting us to compile a list of the “Top 5 AI Product Management Courses.”

These courses are tailored to deepen your understanding of product management and illustrate how AI can be a valuable asset in this domain. Here’s a look at the top 5 AI Product Management courses.

1. Product HQ’s AI Product Manager Certification

This course covers a wide range of topics including AI business management, machine learning models, and AI ethics. It’s suitable for individuals new to AI product management and does not require a technical background.
The program also helps you prepare for your interviews in Product Management and behavioural interviews as well.
Course Fee: $497

2. Advanced AI Product Management & Leadership with technical deep dive

Dr. Marily Nika is a leading figure in the AI industry, recognized as a top AI executive and an award-winning educator in AI Product Management. Her course, the first and foremost Advanced AI Product Management program, is designed for AI Product executives. It offers comprehensive training for managing AI product teams, catering to those with or without coding experience. Targeted at seasoned professionals, the course delves deep into AI/ML topics, covering areas like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Generative AI, Computer Vision, and Autonomous Systems.
Course Fee: $699

3. Duke’s AI Product Management Specialization on Coursera:

Focuses on crafting AI products centred around human needs, ensuring they adhere to privacy and ethical guidelines. By the end of this course, you will recognize the appropriate situations and methods for implementing machine learning to address specific problems.

You can enrol for free for this course and will also be able to implement AI product designs that focus on human-centric practices, ensuring the protection of privacy and adherence to ethical standards and oversee machine learning initiatives by employing the data science workflow and incorporating industry-proven best practices.
Course Fee: Enrol for free

4. AI Powered products 101 by Dr. Marily Nika

A bootcamp that provides in-depth understanding of the AI PM role, talking about topics like AI Product Development Lifecycle, prompt engineering, and technical deep dives. It is the first and best AI Product Management course for Aspiring AI Product Managers, that helps you understand how to bring AI products to life with or without any coding experience.

The course welcomes both beginners and executives from all levels. This course represents phase 1 of the 12-week AI Product Bootcamp that Marily’s Academy teaches, and can be either taken on its own or as part of her 12-week Program. You can upgrade at any time.
Course fee: $499

5. AI Solution Product Management Self-study Certification Program

The AI Product Management course is tailored to provide you with essential skills and knowledge for developing cutting-edge products. It focuses on leveraging artificial intelligence to create unique offerings and deliver exceptional value to your customers.
You can be a seasoned product manager or someone who is just starting out, this course will give you the tools that will help you navigate the continuously evolving product management space. The course has options for self study, Real GenAI Project, Strategic AI and VIP one-on-one.
Course Fee
: $799 (Self study)

6. AI Product Certification

The Artificial Intelligence Product Certification (AIPC)™ course by Product School focuses on integrating AI into the product lifecycle. It covers building AI products, understanding AI fundamentals, crafting user experiences, optimising product performance using AI, and more.

The course is taught by Silicon Valley experts and includes hands-on projects, small class sizes for personalized learning, and access to an alumni network. The curriculum includes leveraging AI in product management, building AI prototypes, user experience innovation, AI-specific metrics, and enhancing the PM process with AI. The course aims to prepare product managers for the evolving role of AI in their field.
Course Fee:

7. AI for Product Management: Mastering the Future

The “AI for Product Management: Mastering the Future” course by Product Collective is designed for product managers to master AI tools and technologies. It covers AI concepts, historical development, and real-world applications. Participants will learn to identify AI opportunities, define requirements, and develop AI prototypes, with a focus on user feedback and model testing.

The course also includes training on handling data, training machine learning models, and optimizing AI product performance. Additionally, it explores AI product launch strategies and the future of AI in product management. The course includes mentorship, live Q&A sessions, case studies, and hands-on assignments.
Course Fee: $299

8. AI Product Management Course by One Month PM

The “AI Product Management” course by One Month PM is a comprehensive 30-day live-streamed program aimed at individuals interested in AI product management. It covers fundamental AI and data science concepts, problem framing in AI, and the stages of AI product development. The course also delves into data strategy, focusing on how AI products rely heavily on data for optimal performance.

Designed for a wide range of professionals, including those in technology, data analysis, product management, and UI/UX design, the program offers practical knowledge and foundational growth strategies. It’s suitable for both beginners in product management and those looking to expand their AI knowledge.
Course Fee: €99 + VAT (Basic Course)

It’s important to understand that not every course is meant for everyone but surely, you can learn from the above mentioned courses. We would love to hear from you on more such courses. Stay tuned!


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