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What does Product Management mean to you?

Hello everyone, for the past few days I had been focusing on the behavioral part of Product management and would be answering those types of questions here only, let’s get started with this one here.

15 McCoy'isms for Product Managers |
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Well, when I think of Product Managers, I think of three important pillars -

  1. Shape the Product - The PM figured out the goals, and needs and builds something that is having maximum impact on both the users & the company by defining the right goals & KPIs. He defines who’s the target customers, what features we need. Whenever someone is lost, it’s the duty of the PM to align everyone on a single path.
  2. Ship the Product - Works on identifying what features need to build in the next phase, needs to prioritize tasks, and should know how & when to say NO to features and handover tasks in a way that makes everyone comfortable with the work they’re given. Also, work with different teams to make sure the product has a successful launch. Define the success of the product and measure it after the launch.
  3. Sync the People - The PM serves as the connecting hub for all the people in any organization. Helps align stakeholders, and employees all under a single vision, strategy & roadmap. Building products under the company vision bring impact both to customer & the company. This person gathers resources, plans the steps, and fixes problems.

Thus, these are the factors I consider every product manager possesses, along with that a PM has the knowledge of the specific industry they’re working in maybe the knowledge of how video hosts on a platform could be helpful to a PM working in the Media industry but not to one who’s working in Fin-tech industry.

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