Unplanned Work Cheat Sheet

Almost two years ago I published my original article on strategies for handling unplanned work during sprints. The article became quite popular. Until today it holds the highest number of views and reads among all of my posts. Apparently, it’s a hot topic in the software industry.

The question about what to do during a sprint when a team starts getting more and more unplanned work is still one of the most asked by the participants of my trainings and the teams that I coach. That’s why I created this poster based on the original article’s content.

Click on the picture to download.

It provides a concise overview of all eight strategies in a form that’s convenient to use during trainings and workshops. Feel free to download it, print, and share. Also, I’d love to know if you find it helpful and if you have any ideas how it can be improved.

About the Author

Kiryl Baranoshnik is an experienced Agile and Lean practitioner. He works as an Agile Coach for a large international software vendor and shares his knowledge publicly as an Agile trainer. If you want to learn more about Kiryl and the trainings he offers, check out his website and the schedule of the upcoming trainings. If you want to get the latest updates on Agile, Lean, and related topics, follow Kiryl on LinkedIn and Facebook.