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Difference Between Agile Project Manager and Scrum Master

Agile Project Manager vs. Scrum Master

Scrum Master

The Responsibilities Of The Scrum Master

  • They are responsible for making the team familiar with the Scrum framework at the earliest stage of the Scrum adoption.
  • They are responsible for coaching the team on the scrum principles.
  • They are responsible for facilitating sprints, retrospectives, and other scrum events when requested/needed.
  • They are responsible for answering team members’ queries and encounter confusion at every level of the process.
  • They are responsible for counteracting any hindrance or obstruction in the product’s functioning.
  • They are responsible for ensuring direct communication between the developers and the product owner. This ensures that the product requirements are met without major impediments.
  • They are responsible for providing suitable aid to the product owner to handle product backlogs.
  • They are responsible for making the product owner learn the basics of increasing business value for an agile user story.

Agile Project Manager

Responsibilities of an Agile Project Manager

  • Ensuring effective and timely communication and provision of information to project governance authorities (Business Sponsor, project board, steering committee, etc.) and stakeholders not actively engaged in the project with the agreed and appropriate level of frequency and formality
  • Performing high-level project planning and scheduling, but not detailed Timebox planning or task planning
  • Collaborating with the Solution Development Team and other appropriate stakeholders to create and agree with the Delivery Plan (the schedule of Project Increments and the Timeboxes within them)
  • Monitoring progress against the baselined Delivery Plan
  • Managing risk and any issues as they arise, collaborating with senior business or technical roles as required to resolve them
  • Motivating and ensuring empowerment of the teams to meet their objectives
  • Monitoring and ensuring appropriate involvement and communication between required members of the multi-disciplinary Solution Development Team
  • Handling problems escalated from the Solution Development Team.
  • Providing help and guidance to the Solution Development Team where difficult situations arise
  • Attending stand-up meetings, as appropriate, to keep a current understanding of the team’s progress and issues, and to flag up to the team, where necessary, any important external issues that that team need to be aware of

Difference Between Agile Project Manager and Scrum Master

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