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Is CI/CD and DevOps the Same?

Is CI/CD and DevOps the Same

Understanding Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

Understanding DevOps

Key Differences Between CI/CD and DevOps

  • First and foremost, as previously stated, DevOps is not a tangible product or service. It’s a school of thought. Consider open-source software as an analogy.
  • While CI/CD is a philosophical framework in terms of automation commitment, it is enabled by software tools and code that configures the behavior of those tools. Maintaining a DevOps philosophy can aid in the smooth operation of your CI/CD pipeline!
  • Teams with a DevOps culture can benefit from incorporating both CI and CD into their processes. In fact, a DevOps mindset that is already embedded within an organization can be beneficial in ensuring that the CI/CD practice is carried out successfully.
  • The goal of DevOps is to better combine the roles of development and operations in order to achieve a common business goal. It is about streamlining business processes across the organization among various teams.
  • CI/CD aims for more frequent deliveries in order to obtain faster feedback from the end-user. Both of these processes benefit from automation. We hope this has cleared up any misunderstandings for you.
  • DevOps is an agile development practice and mindset that streamlines software development, testing, and release by utilizing agile principles (collaboration, communication, and using the right tools).
  • CI/CD is a DevOps strategy that employs the appropriate automated testing tools to implement agile development.

When in doubt

  • CI/CD focuses on software-defined life cycles, emphasizing automation-focused tools whereas DevOps is concerned with culture, emphasizing roles that highlight responsiveness.
  • CI/CD assists development teams in delivering frequent codes that change consistently, whereas DevOps assists organizations in developing software and their production teams in a way that allows for continuous rapid deployment.
  • CI/CD focuses on automating the entire pipeline, from testing codes to integrating them, testing the entire codebase, and keeping it deployment ready. Whereas DevOps focuses on collaboration and the use of appropriate automation tools.
  • CI/CD aids in the consolidation of all code change into a single repository and the execution of automated tests. Whereas DevOps provides a set of best practices for quality software development.

How to Implement CI/CD within a DevOps Culture




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