Not Much Programming …

As I review and publish blogs from several months ago to medium, it’s clear I’m doing a lot less programming than I was. I’ve been doing more charity admin and, I guess, “business development”. I’ve stopped pair programming regularly with Michael at least partly so that I can easily switch tasks through the day, but it is meaning that I won’t do a big chunk of coding unless I really clear space for it. I am still reviewing a lot of code, looking at a lot of pull-requests, tech-tests, deploying code (devops?), running mob sessions and other bits and pieces. I think the main things we’ve managed to achieve over the last year with the AgileVentures site is that it now looks better on mobile, the event creation process is more streamlined, and we have the Premium payment frameworks in place.

I guess that’s reasonable progress, but it feels like we’ve plateaued in terms of income from Premium members, for the moment at least. Official approval as a Charity has unlocked Google’s AdWords grant which has quadrupled traffic to our site, and is slowly pushing up our free members, but not leading directly to any increase in income so far. We did land a small grant from the WikiMedia EDU group which is now paying for project management for the WikiEduDashboard project, which is a significant step forward in terms of sustainability, and that seemed to come almost directly from my appearing on the Ruby Rogues podcast. We have corporate sponsorship from drie, but further collaboration with drie and the edX MOOC collaboration are both held up by negotiations between UCBerkeley and edX about technicalities related to the re-release of the course.

For all my effort reaching out to potential sponsors online I’ve generated nothing concrete outside of introductions through friends. Maybe it’s time to withdraw from all this online networking and focus on coding again? The marketing team is looking like they are going to be perfectly capable of making great progress with just occasional input from me. The first round of Premium signups came largely, I think, through me reaching out to people via email. Alot of the upgrades have come through me reaching out to folks on Slack. The things blocking the marketing team are coding and infrastructure issues, so me coding is probably going to be the thing that helps the most.

Of course, I’m also trying to write a book and start a podcast as long term “lead generation”, but I feel like it might be time for a coding binge …


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