Write with us

As a future writer of Agility Go Community, we invite you to please consider the following ground rules, and Medium rules, before take a step further.

We help each others to succeed and reach more. We grow together!

  • Clap (max 50 per story), comment/answer and share other writers stories.
  • Add tag Agility Go into published stories.

We help delighting stories to scale.

  • Allow story to reach 100 readers before turn on monetisation (if any).

Provide innovative environment.

  • Foster writers and readers to give, take, push, pull, talk, listen, question, answer, act, react, analyse and solve.

We are standing on the shoulders of giants!

We expect you to be bound by agile manifesto and scrum values (Please bring to your context). Take your time to embody them as we go, upfront knowledge is welcome, however, not required.

Fail on above ground rules and Medium rules, may result in sanctions, which eventually, will lead to rejection of further publications and/or writer access.

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Grant me writer access

Till 72 hours after request writer access

How to publish

Ground rules / medium rules check. Once approved, your story will be scheduled for publishing

Sample story (Reference, Title, Tag, Footer)

Supportive material with mandatory (reference, title), good to have (tag) and optional (footer)

Caulfield J. (2020). How to Cite a PDF in APA Style | Format & Examples. https://www.scribbr.com/apa-examples/pdf



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