Trend 13: Diversity and Inclusion

After hours of searching, days of reading, and weeks of digesting, I have identified thirteen global trends impacting the world of work in 2017 and beyond. This is part 13 in a series of 13 articles.

Fairness and equality are now CEO-level issues worldwide.

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The world is a colorful place. With people of different genders, races, geographies, cultures, religions, physical and mental conditions, divided across thousands of minorities, society is never a dull place. The same should apply to businesses, which are becoming more and more a partial reflection of the global community. In other words, diversity and inclusion should be on everyone’s agenda.

Research shows that highly inclusive organizations generate more cash flow and more revenue than non-inclusive organizations. They are also more innovative and better able to adapt to change. But perhaps more importantly, in an increasingly transparent world, any diversity and inclusion problems can permanently damage a company’s reputation. And this happens more quickly than ever before. For executives, it is not wise to just delegate diversity and inclusion strategies to the HR department.

Research shows that highly inclusive organizations generate more cash flow and more revenue than non-inclusive organizations.

Solving diversity challenges is often harder than people expect. Companies report that training workers to recognize biases and to attempt to remove those biases from systems and processes, is usually insufficient. But it’s a good start. And publishing diversity and inclusion reports, and being transparent about any corrective measures that were taken, can also be a smart practice to adopt. But it’s not enough to change an organization’s culture.

Companies can achieve significant financial outcomes from diversity, but they have to find ways to make it part of their business strategy and continuously work toward a culture of inclusion.

The Agility Scales team is busy designing a platform of practices that can benefit any diverse and inclusive organization. If you want to know more, join our community.

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