NYC Foster System: How To Find A Job

Ryan Villanueva
Dec 4, 2016 · 2 min read

Finding a job while transitioning out of the foster care system.

Finding a job while aging out of the system can be confusing. There are so many resources, many places don’t get back to you, and it can be difficult to choose where to start.

One secret, though, is that many programs have special programs for foster youth. We’ve listed some here, and you should talk to your case manager about other opportunities.


  1. Start the iFoster process.
  2. Read about Workforce1.
  3. Put the date of the next Civil Service exam on your calendar.
  4. Talk to your case manager about other job opportunities they know about.


Start the process here.


“Workforce1 is really good. Because it’s a government program, it works out really well.”

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Civil Service Exams

To get a job with the City of New York, you need to take the civil service exam. Civil service exam fees may be waived for youth aging out of the foster care system.

More info


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  1. How to get housing
  2. How to continue your education
  3. How to get a job

This is an project developed at #hackfostercarenyc and based off interviews from youth from the foster care system. It is not written or endorsed by the NYC Administration for Children’s Service.

Aging Out NYC

An unofficial guide to transitioning out of the foster care…

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