Aging revealed
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Aging revealed

America in the Forties: Immigrants and Aspiration

Me and my mother, Sybil Olman, outside our first big apartment
Me and Sybil, my mom, in 1942.

I was born on May 14, 1941, six months before the outbreak of World War II, which officially ended the Great Depression. My parents had had to wait years to get married, until they could afford to move out on their own, and then wait three more years to have a child, until they could afford me. They didn’t even let themselves conceive me until they were able to have a large enough apartment. And until…




We are all confronting, or going to confront ageism. That’s because no one really knows much about how people can and do age in the 21st century. We are looking to start a movement to influence contemporary thought on the subject of what it means to age.

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