Is Donald Trump Worth Dying For?

Here something worth having a discussion about. I’m 75, and quite healthy and functional. Yesterday I went to the doctor’s office because I was shaky, woozy, and had a rapid heart beat. My blood pressure was also high.

With people my age, no primary doctor fools around, and my physician examined me and sent me to the ER, where I had a full workup that revealed no problem but stress. A panic attack.

And yes, I’ve had these before. I used to have panic attacks when I owned my business. Wayne can probably remember taking me to the emergency room. My children also know.

But when it’s happening, I never know. It’s a panic attack, and the person having one always thinks s/he is dying. It’s the world’s worst out of control feeling.

Why would I be having a panic attack?

Well, in the past few months I have marched for women, led the charge for free and open discussion on my Facebook wall (instead of blocking people or leaving), had my rent raised, had my grandchild hit by a car, my son get a divorce, and faced all the ordinary business challenges of someone trying to help others in a startup environment.

I’ve witnessed the end of my world as I’ve known it because of AI, robotics, VR, outsourcing, and the gig economy. I’m pretty insulated from it myself, but I’m empathetic and I feel for people who have been laid off and are now driving for Uber for $2k a month, like the nice man who drove me to the ER and the other one who took me to pick up my car afterwards. One of them said if you work 60–80 hours a week, you can “scrape together a couple of thousand a month.”

This monumental shift in the nature (and compensation) of work isn’t the objective I had when I first became an evangelist for tech.

Why do I bring all this up?

Well, for one thing I think our ability to handle stress goes down as we age, and that coupled with the roller coaster like movement of the world can cause real symptoms and real illness.

And by aging, I mean as young as 35. A 38-year-old founder friend of mine had a stroke last week. When I got my EKG to rule out heart attack the doctor’s EKG tech said they’d given 4 of those tests in just in that one day. Not the norm for that primary care practice.

Later, I heard on the news that rising numbers of Americans are showing up at emergency rooms with heart palpitations.

I’m just not willing to sacrifice the rest of my life to Donald Trump and the government. I have too many things I still want to do.

Namaste. I’m goin’ to yoga.