Snapchat Spectacles Are Sick!

There are better photos of me, but…

There’s a lot I don’t know yet about Snapchat Spectacles, which is why I’m posting this to the Aging Revealed publication. Probably Millennials did not have the issues I have had — or maybe they did. I’d like to know.

First of all, I’m 75. Most people would think it bizarre that I’m on Snapchat at all, but those who know me know that I’m an early adopter of anything that looks like fun. First stereotype upended.

Second, I’ve been on Snapchat since the beginning. I tried it just to see what all the fuss was about, and found one of my granddaughters there. Since she lives across the country from me, Snapchat has proven a phenomenal way for me to stay in touch with her and mentor her from afar. To us, it was a gift. And I was motivated to go there every day so I wouldn’t miss anything from her, and that caused me to see what great stuff Mark Suster and Gary Vee were doing.

And this summer, with another grandchild, I explored London playing Pokemon Go, so I understand the virtues of mixed reality. Oh, and I’m good friends (no, really) with Robert Scoble, co-author of the forthcoming The Fourth Transformation. (click to buy, BTW) Second stereotype out the window.

OK. So it wasn’t odd that I wanted Spectacles when they were announced. And as soon as I found out that they were being marketed slowly at kiosks in Venice Beach, where I do not live, I decided no one was going to stop me from getting them early. And sure enough, there they were on EBay. And there was only one pair of coral. I bought them. I paid $700. Next stereotype out the window. Yes, elderly people are the market if you have something they want.

They arrived the next day, and here’s where the problem started. I couldn’t get them paired. I got them paired momentarily, and then the pairing dropped, and I couldn’t re-pair them. I tried over and over again.

And here’s where I fall into the stereotype of the grandma after all. My eyes are no longer that great, and I couldn’t see that I left a small (very small) piece of plastic over the charging connector on the glasses. That piece of plastic prevented the Spectacles from fully charging, which prevented them from reliably pairing. It took me three days to figure that out.

In the mean time, my Spectacles took every photo I directed them to take, and saved them all. So when I finally got all this figured out last night, and got them re-paired, they automatically uploaded a bunch of photos of me staring at my snapcode, snapping randomly, and thinking I wasn’t taking photos. I dutifully left all these in my Memories as evidence.

Now that I’ve got them figured out, I love my Spectacles. I know exactly how I intend to use them, and what they’ll add to my life. And I think they are a phenomenal first step in a wearable heads up camera that won’t turn people off as Google Glass did. Of course they’re not real 6 degrees of freedom mixed reality, but they show how that’s possible, and adoptable by the mass market.

And yes, if you’re willing to wait you will eventually get them for $129, which is what they’re selling for and what they’re worth. If you have a kid like my granddaughter who is a Snapchat fanatic, they’d make a great gift.

But I’m not telling you what I am doing with mine:-)

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