2-Click Setup: Testing Token Server

Mar 29, 2019 · 3 min read

To run a production app using Agora.io’s Voice and Video SDK, developers need to implement a token server.

This requires efforts on both the front-end and backend. Sometimes when trying to coordinate, the two teams realize they need to develop both in parallel. But how can the front-end get built and tested without a backend?

Luckily some of the great developers in the Agora.io dev community put together a repo of a NodeJS implementation with a quick setup/deployment button that you can use for testing your front-end implementation. To make things even simpler, I’ve included everything you need below.

Please note: Agora is not responsible for any charges you may incur from Heroku, as Heroku is an independent service provider and not affiliated with Agora.

This tutorial is meant to provide a testing environment for front end developers and is not meant for production purposes. If you choose to use this development environment in production you do so at your own risk.



Make sure you are logged into your Heroku account and have logged in to your Agora.io Developer account. You’re also going to need to have an app setup with the App Certificate enabled.


Fill in your: app name, Agora.io APP_ID, and APP_CERTIFICATE

Smash that Deploy App button!

Once the server is running you replace <heroku url> below with your instance url and generate tokens using this endpoint.

https://<heroku url>/access_token?channel=test&uid=1234

Thats it

Now your front-end team can add some simple server calls and get the token services running, without dependancy or pressure on the backend team.


In case you want to check out the code, find the repo below.

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Agora delivers cutting edge APIs for developers. Our blog covers the world of technology.


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Agora delivers cutting edge APIs for developers. Our blog covers the world of technology.

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