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Flutter is a cross-platform development framework created by Google to allow a single codebase for both iOS and Android applications. Version 1.0 was released in December 2018 and was well awaited by the developer community as an alternative to React Native.

Several apps already have ported over to Flutter including Google Ads, Alibaba, SpaceX GO, and many more. You can see the showcase of apps here.

Many early adopters of Flutter have been looking for a way to integrate real-time audio and video calling into their Flutter applications and to achieve that we have officially released the Agora Flutter SDK is now officially available! The Agora Flutter SDK is a Flutter plugin based on the Agora Video SDK.

We have prepared a Quickstart Demo which allows you to get video calling enabled in your Flutter app within a matter of minutes. To run the demo you will need the following:

  • developer account (get started for free on the Agora website)
  • Flutter 1.0.0

Getting Started

This example shows how to build a simple video calling application using the Agora Flutter SDK, including:

  • Join/leave a channel
  • Mute/unmute
  • Switch camera
  • Layout multiple video views

Here’s a screenshot of the demo which you can spin up in less than 5 minutes:

Clone the Flutter Quickstart Demo from GitHub

The Agora Flutter Quickstart is open-sourced and available on GitHub. Feel free to use this as a starter project.

1) Go to the Agora Flutter Quickstart GitHub repo

2) Clone the project to a local directory

git clone Agora-Flutter-Quickstart/

Create an account and get an App ID

To build and run the sample application, get an Agora App ID:

  1. Create a developer account on After completing the registration process, you will be redirected to the dashboard page.
  2. Navigate to Projects > Project List within the dashboard tree on the left.
  3. Copy the App ID to your clipboard.

Update and run the sample application

Open the settings.dart file and paste the App ID from the Agora Dashboard.


In the project directory, run the `packages get `command which will install the required dependencies:

flutter packages get

After the build is complete, execute `run` the command to start the application.

flutter run

And Voilà!!


You’ve successfully run your first real-time video application in Flutter using the Agora Flutter SDK in less than 5 minutes! Later, our team will share more of our experiences with Flutter’ development and detailed tutorials based on the Agora Flutter SDK.

You can find the source code for the plugin on GitHub.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the Agora Flutter SDK and Demo, please get in touch with our team here.



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