🎉 Agora.io Native SDK v2.4 release! Image enhancement, Advanced Screen Sharing, and much more! 🎉

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2 min readApr 10, 2019

This version includes many cool additions you’ve been asking for! Read on to learn about all the new features.

Image enhancement

The Agora SDK v2.4.0 provides an image enhancement API for users in social and entertainment scenarios to optimize their visual quality in video calls and live broadcasts. Using the setBeautyEffectOptions API method, users can adjust settings like image contrast, brightness, sharpness, and saturation. (For more information, see Image Enhancement.)

This method lets you sharpen the video stream, giving your users a crisper image. You can adjust your image on the fly to ensure you look as snazzy as possible to your millions of broadcast audience members at once.

Advanced screen sharing

For macOS and Windows, v2.4.0 adds the following advanced functions for Screen Sharing:

Now you can share your screen based on the entire screen, specific open apps, or show just a portion of the screen to remote users. This helps remote users focus more on relevant content while giving the local streamer more privacy within their whole desktop screen.

Tracking the remote user’s sound position

This new release adds two new methods that allow you to track the sound of the other user by calling the enableSoundPositionIndication and setRemoteVoicePosition methods. Call the enableSoundPositionIndication method before joining a channel to enable stereo panning for the remote users, and then you can call the setRemoteVoicePosition method to track the position of a remote user.

This new feature lets you add an extra component layer to your game (or app), allowing you to set the volume and position of the user based on the positional points you provide. For example, in your FPS game, a player who is spatially closer will be louder than the player who is further away.

Pre-call last-mile network probe test

This new SDK release adds the startLastmileProbeTest, stopLastmileProbeTest, and onLastmileProbeResult API methods, giving you the uplink and downlink last-mile network statistics, including bandwidth, packet loss, jitter, and round-trip time (RTT).

You can now determine if the user has acceptable network quality to ensure a stable SD-RTN connection can be maintained. Based on the response data, you can adjust the user’s stream to ensure a consistent and flawless user experience.

This is just a small taste of the many additions & improvements in this version! To see more great features for v2.4, check out the OS-specific release notes:

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