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Agora Releases Flutter SDK 4.0.1

Agora updated to support Flutter 2 with null safety

Null Safety

The complete package is updated to support sound null safety. Use the new package in your nullsafe applications, and never worry about a null exception again.

Extension Library

In order to reduce the app size, some of the features are offered as extension libraries. If you don’t need specific features, you can remove the corresponding extension library and recompile the project to have a smaller app size.

Virtual Metronome

Teachers have been asking for a virtual metronome, and Agora now offers this through the Flutter SDK. There are three methods:

  • stopRhythmPlayer disables the virtual metronome.
  • configRhythmPlayer reconfigures the virtual metronome after it is enabled.

Control Playback Progress for audio effect files

You can control and access the playback progress of your Audio Effect Files using three new methods: setEffectPosition, getEffectDuration, and getEffectCurrentPosition. There is also a new parameter startPos in playEffect that sets the playback position when the file starts.

Improvements with Video Encoding

Using the DegradationPreference, you can now set how your audio will handle situations where there is limited bandwidth. You have three main options:

  • Reduce the frame rate before reducing the quality
  • Balanced



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