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Agora Releases Native SDK v3.6.2

Voice and Video SDK v3.6.2 now available for on all supported native mobile and desktop platforms. See what’s new below!

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Agora Native SDK 3.6.2 was released on 22nd February 2022.

Compatibility Changes ⚙️

Dynamic Libraries (macOS)

This update brings the RTM libraries for macOS to XCFramework format. This improves compatibility with different types of Macs (M1), and means that the library is now availabe via Swift Package Manager:

New Features ✨

Video Enhancement 🪄

Several new video enhancement properties are now available on all supported platforms:

  • Video noise reduction
  • Low-light enhancement
  • Color enhancement

The associated libraries for these features are as follows:

iOS + macOS: AgoraVideoProcessExtension.xcframework
Windows: libagora_video_process_extension.dll

Loading .so Files Dynamically (Android)

A new method setAgoraLibPath has been added, which allows you to dynaimcally load a .so file based on your specified directory when the app is running.

This can reduce the size of your app! For more information, see this resource:

Passing in native TextureView (Android)

This release adds support for directly using Android native TextureView.

Improvements 🛠

Audio Device Test (macOS/Windows) 🔊

A new function has been added, onAudioDeviceTestVolumeIndication, which reports the volume information of the local audio device being tested.

Additionally the other audio device tests can now be run while in a call, as well as before joining a call.

Audio Recording 🎙

This release extends startAudioRecording with support for setting recording with dual channels and higher audio quality.

Screen sharing (macOS) 🖥

This release optimizes the screen capture strategy and increases the upper limit of the screen capture frame rate.

Music File Playback 🎼

This release optimizes the experience of calling startAudioMixing to play music files by:

Audio file formats (iOS/macOS) 📂

This release adds support for playing mono-track mp4 files, and multi-track online files in m4a and mp4 formats.

Cloud Proxy ☁️

To enrich application scenarios of the Agora Cloud Proxy, this release updates the cloud proxy types adds a TCP encrypted mode. In this mode, the SDK always transmits data over TCP/TLS 443.

These are just a handful of the updates to the SDK in v3.6.0. To see the full release notes for the native platform you’re using, check out one of the following links: iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. Head to Agora’s downloads page to get the latest SDK now.



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