Agora partners with ORCA to facilitate community voting on their platform

Our team is proud to unveil a new partnership with Orca Alliance, an open banking platform catering to the needs of cryptocurrency users and striving to merge stratospheres of traditional banking and cryptocurrencies into a single universe.

Community engagement remains one of the fundamental driving forces behind blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. Most of the platforms in the space rely on community votes to make choices that will deeply impact their future, with cryptocurrency exchanges selecting the next coins to be listed being one example among many. Despite taking place in the blockchain space, these votes are still exposed to fraud and manipulation, leading to rising concerns about the fairness of the process.

Agora on ORCA platform

ORCA is creating a customizable, community-backed and consumer-oriented platform of diverse crypto services, aiming to foster mass cryptocurrency adoption. To take on this mission, they introduced Quest, a gamified, reward-based community collaboration ecosystem.

This is where Agora’s functionalities will be best used, to organize secure, transparent and accessible digital voting events for the ORCA community.

Agora’s end-to-end verifiable digital voting solution will enable ORCA to deliver on their promise of a community-backed platform while ensuring the highest level possible of security for their community’s voice.

When asked about the newly formed partnerhship Natan Avidan, CEO of ORCA Alliance responded:

It’s a perfect mechanism for our community to be heard. Anything ranging from what apps to include to what services to implement — members of the ORCA platform will have the ability to make suggestions and guide platform development via community vote. All done using the AGORA decentralized solution.

Leonardo Gammar, the CEO of Agora commented:

When most people think about voting they have government elections in mind, when actually the voting industry represents 0.2% of the world’s GDP. Spread between the private and the public sectors, it covers a great diversity of practical applications, ranging from referendums, shareholders meetings, entertainment/arts/sports competitions, to reviews, surveys or community votes. Agora’s goal is not only to provide tamper-proof and trustworthy voting systems for high stake elections, but also to present the private sector with an affordable, modern and engaging method of addressing voters that is currently lacking.
Partnering with Orca Alliance is an incredible opportunity to bridge the gap between the very niche industry of blockchain and the general audience. Our companies share the conviction that we need blockchain products that seemingly blend into people’s habits, answering the challenges of everyday life in an innovative and yet accessible way. We are looking forward to collaborating with Orca to run secure, convenient and fun community votes!”

We have more exciting partnerships coming our way, so stay tuned!


About Agora:

Agora is a Swiss voting protocol company building a decentralized digital voting ecosystem based on blockchain technology that ensures security, end-to-end verifiability and support for new devices. By creating an immutable and publicly viewable digital record of elections, Agora’s technology allows both private and public organizations to eradicate fraud and corruption, reduce costs and engage voters in a modern, convenient and accessible way. Agora is also building an election supply chain tracking app and will provide decentralized application hosting on top of its custom, fair and token-free consensus mechanism. For more information on Agora, please visit

About ORCA Alliance:

ORCA Alliance is an Open Banking platform catering to the needs of cryptocurrency users and striving to merge stratospheres of traditional banking and cryptocurrencies into a single universe. ORCA has completed the first round of its tokensale in the beginning of August and is setting the ground for round II. All interested parties are required to complete registration at in order to be eligible for participation.