Agora partners with to deliver safe and verifiable community voting

Trading and consulting platform to further support Agora in disrupting the voting industry through blockchain-based technology.

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with, a blockchain-based trading platform and ICO consulting service which aims to democratize the financial markets and redistribute wealth back to investors and companies.


A next generation financial institution, successfully completed their ICO journey in January 2018 with over USD 31M raised. Having developed an extensive network of professionals in the blockchain and crypto sphere, the team aims to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the blockchain sector with a community-led exchange, alongside their tailored ICO consulting service:

  • The TIO token will provide a frictionless, absolutely free funding method which allows clients to fund and begin trading in the quickest manner. The exchange will offer attractive fee schedules, a large range of coins to trade, a quality customer service and an unique return mechanism for TIO tokenholders powered by the “Liquidity pool”.
  • The platform will also act as a bridge of access into the world of cryptocurrencies for the traditional investor with a fully customizable, widget-based user interface focusing on user-friendliness and a crypto education service that will teach traders around the world about cryptocurrencies.

Agora on platform

Agora’s blockchain-based voting ecosystem enables vote administrators to eradicate fraud and corruption, reduce costs and engage voters in a modern, convenient and accessible way. Elections on Agora’s protocol are tamper-proof throughout the entire voting process and offer full transparency to voters, third-party auditors, and the general public. will be working with Agora through the remainder of their ICO by helping to strengthen their global community and network. Following Agora’s successful ICO, will build upon the partnership through their listing of the VOTE token. The two teams will then work on the integration of Agora’s end-to-end verifiable digital voting protocol with the goal of providing a fair and transparent voting experience for users.

Leonardo Gammar, CEO of Agora, commented:

“We are seeing rising concerns about the security of community votes led by crypto exchanges. I am very excited by the opportunity to support in their mission to launch an exchange that does not only solve today’s problems but is built for tomorrow. It just makes sense for community votes organized in the crypto space to be backed by blockchain-based solutions. Our team is looking forward to potentially developing a custom and innovative tool for and ensuring their community’s voice is correctly heard.”

Will Corkin, Director of Consulting and Strategy of added,

“It is exciting to see a blockchain-based solution pave the way for safer, more transparent and immutable elections. We are working very closely with the team at Agora and have full confidence in the capabilities and expertise of the Agora team in disrupting the voting industry through their blockchain technology.”

The exchange is fully open since August 2018, to register, please visit:


About Agora:

Agora is a Swiss voting protocol company building a decentralized digital voting ecosystem based on blockchain technology that ensures security, end-to-end verifiability and support for new devices. By creating an immutable and publicly viewable digital record of elections, Agora’s technology allows both private and public organizations to eradicate fraud and corruption, reduce costs and engage voters in a modern, convenient and accessible way. Agora is also building an election supply chain tracking app and will provide decentralized application hosting on top of its custom, fair and token-free consensus mechanism. For more information on Agora, please visit

About is a next-generation financial institution based on blockchain technology, providing the ultimate in security and transparency. By leveraging decades of experience in the investment banking, trading & FinTech sectors, and combining them with the power and transparency of the distributed ledger, has created a truly unique product that will revolutionize asset trading and investment banking. For more information on, please visit For ICO consulting services, please visit: