Fenbushi Digital joins Agora as a Strategic Investor

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We are thrilled to announce Fenbushi Digital as our strategic partner. Fenbushi Digital and its affiliated fund of Fenbushi Capital (founded in 2015 by Dr. Feng Xiao - Vice Chairman of Wanxiang Holdings, Vitalik Buterin - Founder of Ethereum, and Bo Shen - co-founder of BitShares). Fenbushi Digital have been ranked among the top five blockchain venture capital firms in the world by CB Insights and Pitchbook, and have consistently committed to investing in best-in-class, blockchain-based protocols and solutions that can democratise global opportunities.

Aiming to build world class companies leveraging blockchain technology to change the world, Fenbushi Digital will not only provide capital but also connections and resources to accelerate our company’s growth.

Their very conservative solid investment portfolio of only 50+ enterprises includes Civic, Vechain, Zcash and so on.

Fenbushi Digital Partner, Mr. Remington Ong said:

“As professional investors in the industry for many years, we are excited to back Agora’s unique and innovative approach of blockchain voting. Their three layers infrastructure and participatory auditing mechanism built on top of their custom token-free and fair consensus mechanism ensure a whole new level of security and transparency. We are convinced their ecosystem will allow every organisation, both in the private and public sectors, to easily integrate a decentralised and distributed solution into their existing processes. We’ve been impressed by the globally distributed business development network and strong technical team leading this project. This mix of international affairs and technological expertise will without doubt position Agora as one of the leaders in the voting industry. We look forward to accelerating their growth through our extensive support programs.”

Leonardo Gammar, CEO of Agora added:

“We are glad to have been selected among many other companies and exciting ideas to gain the support of Fenbushi Capital. Their screening process is well-known for being very strict and demanding, with only the best projects finally chosen to integrate their selective portfolio. We expect Fenbushi Capital’s active investment and collaboration will firmly support our company’s growth.”

Mr. Remington Ong continued:

“At Fenbushi we see blockchain as part of a whole ecosystem where AI and other innovative technologies are involved as well. For Uber to be the killer app, Uber needs your phone, 3G and Google. We appreciate how Agora is thinking more broadly about blockchain voting, inviting other projects to build on top of their consensus mechanism and collaborating with leaders in ID verification or dynamic facial recognition to create a performant and multifaceted voting ecosystem.”

About Agora

Agora is a decentralised digital voting ecosystem based on blockchain technology that ensures security, end-to-end verifiability and support for new devices. By creating an immutable and publicly viewable digital record of elections, Agora’s technology allows governments and organisations to eradicate fraud and corruption, reduce cost and engage voters in a modern, convenient and fair way. Agora built a consensus mechanism designed for the purpose of voting with 0 financial incentive, a permission infrastructure, a permission-less infrastructure, a voting Dapp, a supply chain ballot tracking Dapp, an expenses tracking Dapp, a Dapp for officials to help our clients (governments, institutions, communities) to organise their election and movement of staff.

You can build on top of Agora! As much software you think is needed to make elections more efficient, less expensive and tension-free. Governments, competitors and communities can build as many Dapps as they wish on our infrastructures, to help us all achieve our goal: Better elections all over the planet.

For more information on Agora, please visit www.agora.vote

Agora.Vote Project Links:

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About Fenbushi Digital

Founded in 2017, Fenbushi Digital has brought together some of the earliest pioneers in the blockchain industry to invest in leading decentralised projects leveraging novel token economic models to disrupt a wide range of industries. Fenbushi Digital positions itself as a long term strategic partner to its projects, typically taking an active role to work with its projects to build decentralised ecosystems. For more information, visit https://fenbushi.digital.

Fenbushi Digital is a member of gf.network, which unites the most influential blockchain investors around the globe with a combined portfolio of over 100 leading blockchain projects to share resources and generate synergies to more effectively build the global blockchain ecosystem. The founding members of gf.network include Fenbushi Capital — founded in 2015 as Asia’s first blockchain-focused venture capital fund, Fenbushi Digital — founded in 2017 to be a long term strategic partner to leading decentralisation projects, and Blockasset — founded in 2017 to support global inclusive blockchain projects. For more information, visit https://gf.network.

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Agora is a Swiss lab and foundation offering decentralized…

Agora Blockchain Team

Written by

Agora is a Swiss lab and foundation offering decentralized digital voting systems based on blockchain technology. https://agora.vote/


Agora is a Swiss lab and foundation offering decentralized digital voting systems based on blockchain technology.

Agora Blockchain Team

Written by

Agora is a Swiss lab and foundation offering decentralized digital voting systems based on blockchain technology. https://agora.vote/


Agora is a Swiss lab and foundation offering decentralized digital voting systems based on blockchain technology.

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