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Jul 10 · 3 min read
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Iurii is a Blockchain Engineer at Agora. We thought it would be Interesting to get to know Iurii better and the reasons why he decided to join Agora. Here’s what he had to say:

Can you share your background with us?

I graduated from National University of Kyiv in 2004, Radiophysics faculty. I decided to work for the University while I was still a student and worked on multiple projects there. The most serious project was building a system for students to be able to access the Internet from the campus hostels, which was in great demand back then. I was certain it was the most relevant area to be working in, allowing people the right and freedom to connect. It also brought some interesting technical challenges mainly related to security and performance which I happily accepted.

After that for many years, I was mostly working in different companies and roles but on similar projects for ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and ITSP (Internet Telephone Service Providers). The systems that I was building, deploying and supporting had their name emerged OSS/BSS systems (Operation Support System/Business Support System). I’ve built multiple myself from scratch for different projects and worked on a couple as a team member for bigger commercial systems. The majority of these systems are still live and I help some of them with development and support from time to time. These systems have similarities but overall I’ve worked on a wide variety of systems: ISP billing systems, callshop systems, VoiP softswitches, VoIP route-testing software and VPN access systems.

What’s your blockchain / cryptocurrency journey?

I discovered Blockchain/Bitcoin in mid 2013 when I had a chance to jump into an unbelievably profitable mining project. It wasn’t just about making money, what really nourished my curiosity was being a part of and watching the evolution of a distributed technology. The cryptocurrency lifecycle is faced with interims of large price correlations, bad press, hacks and so on but it always manages to bounce back. It took away the authoritative environment and promotes a fair playing field, it’s always going to have people using it and will continue to grow and evolve, I can’t miss the opportunity to participate in its development.

Why Agora?

I’ve been involved in multiple blockchain projects that were mostly related with ETH and ERC20 tokens, so I began to get multiple offers to join new projects which I mostly ignored due to limited time, though Agora was different. I felt the project unique in its background and that utilising blockchain for voting on a large scale needed to be approached in the correct way. For me Agora is the company to make it happen.

Agora has strong research work behind it and I felt like I could add to its development. I’m still enthusiastic and proud to be a part of the future of that solid foundation. There are a few other things that also attracted me to and hold me inside of Agora, the fact that the project is from Switzerland and has good connections in the country I felt was key — Swiss background and education is one of the best for such a project. The timing for blockchain is perfect, before I joined, I expected that the demand for Agora would be very high and I’m pleased in discovering that reality.

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Agora is a Swiss lab and foundation offering decentralized digital voting systems based on blockchain technology.

Agora Blockchain Team

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Agora is a Swiss lab and foundation offering decentralized digital voting systems based on blockchain technology.


Agora is a Swiss lab and foundation offering decentralized digital voting systems based on blockchain technology.

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