Meet the Team: Ivan Madolev, Network Engineer

Photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash

Ivan Madolev is a Network Engineer at Agora. This week, we thought it would be fun to get to know Ivan better. Here’s what he had to say:

Can you tell us more about your background?

My background is technical. I am currently working as a Network Engineer and I’ve been doing this for a while now, just over 12 years. As a Network Engineer, I work a lot with network devices, firewalls and servers. It’s interesting to navigate and implement new software-defined networking solutions and virtualizations. I guess you could say that, at its core, my job is to “follow that packet”, as in packets of information. But ultimately, my work on the network is all about connectivity and looking for any packets that have lost their way. In the last couple of years, I’ve also been branching out more into administration, scripting, and security, which is now the key player of successful network environments.

Prior to working for Agora, I worked at a few different companies, including Cisco, Accenture, and Hewlett-Packard.

When did you start with Agora?

I joined Agora a year ago. Several months before, I had started digging into blockchain technology and the crypto world. Then an old colleague of mine approached me and asked if I wanted to take on some side projects relating to this industry, just to get a feel for the in’s and out’s of it. We taught ourselves new protocols, distributed computing, mechanism design, etc. Not too long after that, word got around that Agora was looking for a Network Engineer so I had an interview with them and got the job.

Why did you choose to join Agora?

I joined Agora because I like what they are doing: using blockchain technology in the right way, not just using it to create tokens. I find it very exciting that this new technology can be used in real-world applications like voting. So yeah, it’s nice to be working for a blockchain company that actually has an application versus a cryptocurrency only. And it’s important for people to see different use cases of blockchain, like what Agora is doing with voting or Shyft with ID management.

I think that blockchain is the technology of the future and using it in the proper way is important. That’s where my passion for the industry lies.

For me, it was an easy choice to make.

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