Groovy Developer Manifesto

Vladimír Oraný
Jul 27, 2018 · 1 min read

Groovy is not an excuse to write sh***ty code.

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As a Groovy Developer I hereby promise:

  1. I will write code in Java unless writing in Groovy would add some value; removing semicolon does not add value
  2. I will follow Effective Java rules even when I am writing Groovy code
  3. I will use @CompileStatic annotation by default unless I really need dynamic language features
  4. I will never ever use def keyword
  5. I will never use Map as an excuse not to create meaningful class
  6. I will use @NamedParam, @NamedDelegate and @NamedVariant instead of raw Map method parameters
  7. I will never use raw Closure without a type parameter
  8. I will use @ClosureParams for every Closure method parameter
  9. I will use @DelegatesTo for every Closure method parameter with altered delegate
  10. CodeNarc is my best friend forever

Do you have your own statement to add? Please, leave it in the comments. I may update the list in the future.

You can sign this manifest using the hand icon bellow.

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