Catch Agoric at SF Blockchain Week 2019

Michael Jablon
Oct 17 · 5 min read

Agoric is going to be participating throughout the upcoming San Francisco Blockchain Week (, which runs from October 28 through November 3, 2019. Almost all of us, including co-founders and JavaScript committee members Mark S. Miller and Dean Tribble, will be present. Below are lists of official and satellite events we’ll be participating in, as well as additional events we’re excited to attend. Check back to this page regularly, as it will be updated throughout SFBW.

Official Talks & Events

What: Dean Tribble’s Talk

When: Friday, 11/1, 10:10 am

Where: Epicenter: Technical Stage, San Francisco Marriott Marquis

Dean Tribble, Agoric Co-Founder and CEO, will give a talk: “Composable Smart Contracts: Introducing the Agoric Contract Framework.” (Previewed on our Medium account.) From the SFBW website: “How do we build a vibrant decentralized economy? We must build a network of businesses and institutions in code. Agoric’s smart contract system supports the security and reuse needed for developers to create a cross-chain economy of digital assets.”

What: Mark S. Miller’s Panel

When: Friday, 11/1, 10:35 am

Where: Epicenter: Technical Stage, San Francisco Marriott Marquis

Mark S. Miller, Agoric Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, will speak on the panel VM Design: The EVM Isn’t the Only Game in Town.

What: IBC Workshop

When: Friday, 11/1, 9:00 pm

Where: Terra Gallery, 511 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA 94105

Cosmos, Tendermint — Is IBC already here? We’re delighted that our collaboration with Cosmos on building IBC, the Inter-Blockchain Communications protocol, is paying off. The workshop is going to describe IBC, what it is, and why it’s important. We’ll be there as one of the Cosmos-aligned chains that are part of IBC.

What: Agoric Workshop

When: Friday, 11/1, TIME TBA

Where: Epicenter: Technical Stage, San Francisco Marriott Marquis

Calling all developers, smart contract and Javascript alike! At this workshop, developers will learn how to build on the platform at the hackathon. Dean Tribble will do a technical presentation and demo.

What: Agoric Workshop at DeFi Hackathon

When: Friday, 11/1, 11:00 pm

Where: Terra Gallery, 511 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA 94105

Building On The New Agoric Smart Contract Framework. Whether you’re imagining a project to build, or you’re looking to contribute to a project, we’ll be there to help as you clone our GitHub, load it up in VS Code, and make something award-worthy.

. . .

Satellite Events

Satellite Events

What: gumi Cryptos

When: Monday, 10/28, 6:00 PM–8:30 PM

At CryptoMondaysSF, a panel of traditional investors will share their perspective on their investment thesis as well as both blockchain and crypto projects.

What: Agoric Speaker Series

When: Tuesday, 10/29, 6:30PM

Where: The Interval at Long Now

Dean Tribble will present an extended version of his SFBW talk about how the Agoric framework contributes to building a vibrant decentralized global economy. Organized with Protocol Labs.

What: Meter Up: The State of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Interoperability

When: Wednesday, 10/30, 1PM — 4PM

Where: Starfish Mission, 1535 Mission Street, Suite A, San Francisco

Meter brings together panelists and presenters to give their unique perspective on “The State of Blockchain Interoperability.” The panels will feature a mix of founders, team members and venture capitalists. The Agoric Team will be attending this event.

What: Kate Sills’ Panel

When: Wednesday, 10/30, 6PM — 9PM

Where: K&L Gates LLP, 4 Embarcadero Center, Floor 12, San Francisco

Kate Sills, Agoric software engineer, participates on the panel Protocol Battle: Enabling App Development & Adoption ( along with Hsin-Ju Chuang (of Tezos) and Liz Robuck (of Dash). Its subject: While there are thousands of protocols, few have significant traction in terms of number of applications built on top and users. What are the characteristics that make it easier for developers to build applications on top of a protocol?

What: Rockaway SFBW Halloween Party

When: Thursday, 10/31, 8:00PM — 11:00PM

Where: The Battery

Rockaway Blockchain hosts this invite-only Halloween cocktail party at the Battery. Rockaway will be making some big announcements, as will Agoric. Come for a spooky cocktail and hang out with the heart of the blockchain community.

. . .

Sessions We Plan to Attend

How Will Cryptography Shape Humanity: Epicenter Main Stage (Thursday 10/31 10AM)Codaboros: Compact Proof of Stake Consensus: Epicenter Technical Stage (Thursday 10/31 10:30AM)

How Blockchain Benefits the Games of Today: Epicenter Industry Stage (Thursday 10/31 2:20PM)

Cross Chain Payments with Interledger: Epicenter Developers Workshop (Thursday 10/31 3:00 PM)

Cosmos Workshop: Epicenter Developers Workshop (Thursday 10/31 3:40PM)

Fireside Chat: Olaf Carlson Wee: Epicenter Main Stage (Thursday 10/31 4PM)

Stardust: A Chain to Incubate New Chains Launching in the Cosmos Network: Epicenter Technical Stage (Thursday 10/31 4PM)

The Pseudonymous Economy: Epicenter Main Stage (Friday 11/1 9:30AM)

Fatter Protocols, Thinner Applications: Epicenter Main Stage (Friday 11/1 10AM)

Playing to Win: Creating the Right Incentives for Competitive Testnets: Epicenter Technical Stage (Friday 11/1 11:55AM)

DeFi vs. CeFi: Are We Going Back in Time? Epicenter Industry Stage (Friday 11/1 12PM)

The Future of Wallets: Epicenter Industry Stage (Friday 11/1 2:00PM)

Thanks for reading! You can join the Agoric community on Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, and catch us at these upcoming events.


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Secure smart contracts

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