Aawaz.com Wins India’s Best Vernacular Content Podcast Award

Shivam Srivastav
Agrahyah Technologies
2 min readOct 8, 2019


With the rapidly growing digital penetration in India, regional language content is fast becoming something so quintessential that it may soon become a quasi-fundamental right.

What has been a latent need is now getting noticed and we at Aawaz.com, which is India’s biggest Hindi language podcast network, pride ourselves with leading this change and what has recently pushed that pride up a notch is Aawaz.com winning the ‘Best Vernacular Content Podcast Award’ at the India Content Leadership (ICL) Awards 2019 held in New Delhi on Friday.

Uppal Shah and Shivam Shrivastava receiving the award at ICL

ICL is a forum for promoting content developers in the country organised by UFO Digital Cinema, which is a leading digital content distribution network. The award is in recognition of Aawaz.com’s efforts to push forward the consumption of podcast content in India in a package that users can easily access.

According to a report, about 80% of India’s digitally monetizable users prefer their content to come in vernacular languages. That is saying something.

aawaz.com is the first of its kind audio OTT that gives users more than 300 hours of original audio content in Hindi. No one in India is able to do this at the moment and we did this in just over six months.

This award is all the more special because this makes it two awards already in the space of just a three months. Not bad huh? Also, what does this mean?

To put it briefly- our initial bets to understand the Indian audience is showing demonstrable results although there is a long way to go but a promising sign nonetheless.

The coming together of technology and content is achieving fine cohesion. The awards reaffirm our vision while the increasing number of app downloads, a very healthy demand for our audio syndicated to partners such as Airtel and Ola Play and an increasing user base, all of which are a testimony to our dynamic product team.

Not to say we don’t get it wrong, oh we do many…many times but we LEARN, sometimes fast, sometimes painfully slow but the end results are a testimony to our strive.

I am excited for the coming months as we get closer to exiting 2019 because there are more product announcements that are expected to be made but one final thing before I finish — A big thank you to listeners of aawaz.com! You people are making it happen for us.

Stay tuned.