aawaz.com won the podcast content creator of the year award at Streamcon Asia

Sejal Shah Thakker
Agrahyah Technologies
3 min readJan 7, 2021


The vision of aawaz.com is to elevate and entertain people by kindling their imaginations through audio storytelling and invigorating conversations as podcasts. aawaz.com is the largest spoken-word audio and podcast network in Indian languages. Live since January 2019 with over 800 hours of Hindi, Indian English and now Marathi audio programming, as of September 2020, aawaz packs in over 800 hours of high-quality original programming in Hindi, Indian English and Marathi across 20 genres, 250+ shows, and 7000+ episodes.

aawaz is available to listeners on web, as an app on Google Playstore, Apple App Store, KaiOS (Jio phones), Indus OS App Bazaar, on Amazon Fire TV stick & Jio STB. Select content of aawaz is available on Ola Play, Amazon Alexa, and Spotify.

aawaz strives to be a professionally generated content platform, that builds trust among all stakeholders; listeners, publishers, and brands alike. Other professionally generated content creators, institutional publishers trust aawaz to tell their stories with us. This includes publishers such as HT Media, The Economic Times, BIG FM, Radio Mirchi, ISKCON, The Quint among others and brands like Google, IBM, Agora among others. Podcast industry in India is nascent but growing tremendously. A year ago, sponsorship for audio shows was unheard of, new, and we are proud to have done that.

In the range of institutional publishers and brands that trust aawaz , each aims at fulfilling a different purpose. Google’s podcast informs, educates, and shares trends on Voice Technology to support India Inc in leveraging its transformative power. IBM’s podcast is driven to help decision-makers realize the potential of Cloud Technology. The Economic Times humanizes news through dialogue and conversations with ‘The Morning Brief’ podcast. Agora is empowering developers who aspire to build real-time engaging solutions. Wysa makes India take care of its mental health and shares tips on addressing anxiety, depression, and stress. All of this, and more, through audio conversations with people who are changing the landscape.

While playing an integral role in building the category of spoken-word audio and podcasts in India, aawaz takes pride in making content available that’s entertaining and relevant to all walks of life. There is something for everyone. And to top it, the entire experience is non-gated, free of ads, or interruptions. This is an integral part of our resolute in delivering the best customer-experience there is.

Bronze award for the Best Content Creator at Streamcon Asia

We believe in Bhagvat Geeta’s verse Karmanye Vadhikarast which means You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself to be the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty. — Bhagavad Gita, Chapter II, Verse 47

We have been following our duties honestly with our hard work and efforts. Audience has appreciated and acknowledged our hard work and here we are winning awards and reaping benefits of our hard work, is no short of a tradition. We would like to thank to our aawaz listeners for supporting us and making us the largest spoken-word audio and podcast network in Indian Languages

Vidooly media promotes the Streamcon Asia awards. This is the second edition of the awards. StreamCon Asia aims to celebrate the wide array of creativity, innovation and emerging technologies in the digital video and audio ecosystem. When all the stakeholders — creators, brands, advertisers, video platforms, digital celebrities, story tellers, marketers, tech companies, media agencies and various industry experts- come together under one roof, the event is bound to create some heavy duty buzz everywhere!