#aawazUrdu is now live

We are laying down the foundation of a hopeful 2021 with the launch of audio shows in Urdu. The language has one of the largest circulations of print in the country and is widely popular in usage across, especially in Hindi speaking regions.

Urdu, heavily influenced by Arabic and Persian, originated around Delhi back in the 12th century and till date is home to over 50 million Indian speakers alone. Associated with rich poetry, elegance, royalty, and meaning, Urdu is the language of love (heartbreak too!). And at aawaz, we are thrilled to bring its richness as an auditory experience. What’s more interesting is the launch is aligned with our second birthday! Woohoo!


Back in January 2019, we launched aawaz in Hindi and since then have added Indian English, Marathi, and now Urdu on the platform reflecting on our primary aim of creating quality content in Indian Languages. And we are just warming up!

Hear is a glimpse of the audio shows we are now live with on #aawazUrdu:

Main Shayar Toh Nahin Season 1 & Season 2: Writers & authors from Mazrooh Sultanpuri to Munawwar Rana, Mirza Ghalib to Jaun Elia, among others have made us feel life in perspectives different than our own, all through words. But do we know their stories of inspiration? The events that led them to change the course of literature with ink. This audio show is a compilation of the lives of ten popular Urdu poets and writers.

Gulistan: Think Urdu, and poetic couplets (or Shayari) have been at its core. It may be finding the right words for love, faith, humour, sadness, or life itself, Shayari has it for you. Explore a collection of choices, most popular, and meaningful Shayari from over 20 legendary Urdu poets.

Rang-e-Ghazal: Care for some music with meaning? Step into a world where words meet rhythm and rhyme. This show is an aural experience for the mind, body, and soul.

Nazm-e-Bahar: Hear rhymed verses in this audio show which are home to meaningful messages from the writer, pure and unguarded by formats and rules.

New audio shows are being added regularly on #aawazUrdu. Explore.

Download aawaz on Android and iOS. Listen on your browser.




We specialize in harvesting cultural insights and data to craft Immersive, technology-driven, brand experiences that place the customer at the heart of it all.

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Paritosh Agarwal

Paritosh Agarwal

Marketer and Generalist at Agrahyah Technologies and aawaz.com

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