Chinimandi and Bharat Ke Mandir podcasts win Gold at India Content Leadership awards.

India Content Leadership awards is a forum designed specifically to promote content developers, discuss the trends in the content industry, and identify and reward individuals, enterprises, and agencies which have done exemplary work in content development, content marketing and content publishing including online as well as offline channels, and affiliate networks. ICL is promoted by Inkspell, an Avant-garde business intelligence and marketing solutions enterprise.

This year we won several Gold awards at ICL, one for Chinimandi podcast and another for Bharat Ke Mandir.

For Chinimandi podcast we won the award for the Best News Content Podcast. Chinimandi Podcast aims to educate and update the Sugar industry patrons. This industry has been a traditional; the idea to make a podcast was to keep them updated regarding the latest working of the industry stakeholders.

The prime purpose of bringing voice/audio for the sugar industry was to liberate stakeholders from two things which symbolized traditional working — telex/fax/phone calls and maintaining trade records with a focus on getting in line with audio content. Now as the interface of information and technology has increased with time and we created a virtual platform for news, information in the form of podcasts.

Gold award for Chinimandi podcast at India Content Leadership awards

Winning this award has proved that our efforts to unite and organise this industry is in the right direction.

Another award that we won at ICL was Gold award for the Best Local Language Podcast for our show called Bharat Ke Mandir. Devotional content has been a top streamed content on After the award winning podcast on Krishna Ki Nagri Mathura aur Vrindavan We decided to come up with another show on various temples of India. We sent team to the various temples across the country to learn about their history and significance. Teams met up with the priests and trustees, treasurers, local people to gather more information and that was a big challenge. The bigger challenge was to narrow down the list of temples to be shortlisted for this podcast.

We collected information from temples like the Amarnath Temple, the Bahubali temple of Sravanbelogla, The Golden Temple of Amritsar, Jagannath Temple, The Jwala Devi Temple, Shridi Temple, The Siddhivinayak temple, Somnath temple, Tirupati Temple among many others. The history, the story, the significance behind these temples has been described in this podcast. A lot of efforts went into making a script from the data collected. The primary objective was to give the listeners an experience of actually visiting the temple, and being present there while listening to the podcast. Stimulating and environment of faith like that while visiting the temples.

Launching this show proved that our thoughts on providing good devotional experience to our listeners was a right decision. This show was amongst the top ten shows on when launched in May 2020 with more than 1.6 million impressions and 5.5 thousand streams.

Gold award for Bharat Ke Mandir at India Content Leadership awards




We specialize in harvesting cultural insights and data to craft Immersive, technology-driven, brand experiences that place the customer at the heart of it all.

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