Lead the change with Voice Tech.

Voice Technology is seeing rapid adoption among Indian users and is driving a paradigm shift in the way everyday people access a whole new universe of products and services. At Agrahyah Technologies, we’ve bet our waking hours (and sometimes sleeping hours too) to ensure we make technology useful for all by leveraging the power of Voice Technology and Audio Innovations. As India’s First Voice Agency, we’ve been consistently developing solutions for brands that benefit the people of India and Bharat. Voice solutions that are not only transactional but also highly engaging.

In our efforts to grow the Voice Community in India, in the past, we’ve organized webinars, workshops and have been evangelizing the potential this emerging technology has. As we continue with this aim, we’re delighted to announce a first-of-its-kind initiative, VOICE Talks India, in collaboration with Google Assistant, specially designed to bring together various stakeholders under the Voice Tech canopy. If you are a business owner, marketer, developer, content creator, student or even a tech enthusiast, then you must become a part of this ecosystem.

VOICE Talks India: Journey begins from 24 September 2020

We’re putting together a series of online events where you can hear from Indian industry leaders, platform creators, VoiceFirst influencers, technologists and Google product experts as we unlock the transformative power of Voice in India. The first of the many events is scheduled for 24 September 2020 and is packed with theme-led discussions, product deep dives, market insights and brand building advice. We recommend you register here to attend.

In the weeks and months to come, we are confident that VOICE Talks India will become the place to learn, connect, collaborate, upskill and get inspired. This initiative is a lot more than online events as we put together a range of resources serving as a primer to voice technology in India.

Videos on Voice

Voice is enabling brands like Nippon India Mutual Fund, Swiggy, Gaana, Tata Mutual Fund and others to unlock more value. Check out a series of episodes offering a foundation to Voice Technology and learn how regular consumers are driving this shift to Voice, the New UI.

Voice India Video Series

Voice on Audio

New to Voice Tech and have your eyes and hands busy? We have this sorted for you with a series of podcasts, as we strongly believe Voice is the input and Audio is the output. Learn what is driving Indians to adopt voice, get updates on brand-led initiatives, and use terms like NLP and TTS, confidently! Tune in on aawaz and hear an expert speak in a podcast on Voice Tech.

You could go old-school and read an article on Voice at the Economic Times.

So, did you register for VOICE Talks India event series yet?

Let’s build for Voice, together!



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Paritosh Agarwal

Paritosh Agarwal

Marketer and Generalist at Agrahyah Technologies and aawaz.com