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An Epic Announcement

With a booming Podcast industry in India, not only Audio applications, but also Video OTT platforms are adding podcasts and audio shows to their portfolio. One of these, in a first, is Epic TV’s online presence EPIC ON, a renowned platform for informative and entertaining Indian TV shows rich in history and culture. We at, the largest spoken-word audio and podcast network in Indian languages, are delighted to have entered a licensing agreement with the platform. EPIC ON users can stream 160+ hours of audio originals, podcasts and audio shows from our carefully crafted Hindi and English audio library.

Spread across 800+ episodes and 9600+ minutes of audio content, users have a wide array of genres to choose from, including stories, horror, spiritual, lifestyle, devotional, business, entertainment, humour, and our special series Conversational Masterclass distributed in a freemium strategy. With that level of variety, it’s time to begin binging!

India has been an audio-first country for decades and with a new format of timeless audio content making itself heard, this licensing agreement will enable users of EPIC ON to stream content of the land beyond their screens, reducing screen time, and allowing to multitask, without compromising on the entertainment value that the platform is known for. And we strongly believe this would enhance the overall experience of the users.

Here are a few of the many audio shows of aawaz which are available on EPIC ON: ‘Bhangarh Ka Kila’, ‘Ishq Bhi Risk Bhi’ series, ‘Cricket Ki Yaadein’, ‘Bharat Ke Mandir’, ‘Tenali Ram Ke Kisse’, ‘Yogshala’, ‘Oh Womaniya’, in Hindi and ‘Scaling The Peak’, ‘An Emotion Called Bombay’, ‘Pathbreakers’, ‘Strange AF with Cyrus’, ‘Conversational Masterclass’ series in English. is committed to producing professionally generated, high-quality audio content that not only entertains but also elevates.




We specialize in harvesting cultural insights and data to craft Immersive, technology-driven, brand experiences that place the customer at the heart of it all.

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