Seven key insights from Building for Bharat

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As we get closer to celebrate our 75th independence day, we are taking this opportunity to reflect how far India has come in terms of economic and social progress. Today, rural internet users surpass urban. The proliferation of web technologies has empowered over half a billion people in India. While that is heartening, there are huge gaps and challenges to be addressed when it comes to making internet a more inclusive place.

On the 15th of August 2021, Building for Bharat Season 1 was launched by in association with Reverie Language Technologies to unearth insights, bust myths and share thoughts with fellow practice leaders who are building technology based solutions for better inclusion online.

Building for Bharat

Arvind Pani, CEO and Co-founder, Reverie Language Technologies, known for his pioneering work in language localisation and our esteemed host conversed with some of the sharpest minds in the Indian BFSI space from Bajaj Allianz GIC, Axis Bank, Mahindra Rural Housing Finance, ICICI Lombard GIC, Aviva India and Nippon India Mutual Fund.

Here are some of the key interesting insights on Building for Bharat Season 1 by our esteemed guests

On Digital Adoption & enhancing native customer engagement

“The focus is shifting from Digitizing the Physical to Humanising the Digital by combining AI with customer centricity”

Dipu KV, President & Head of Operations and Customer Service at Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company. Listen to the episode on

“We designed our website from a servicing perspective and not from a sales perspective which helped in building risk awareness tremendously!

Sanjay Datta, Chief –Underwriting, Reinsurance, Claims & Actuarial, ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company. Listen to the episode on

On Decoding the digital Bharat consumer — Challenges and Benefits

“Rural India has a stronger intention to pay than Urban Indians, as they thrive on TRUST… Bharat model is not only possible but profitable — To make an impact, do so profitably and at a scalable level”

Shantanu Rege, Chief Operating Officer of Mahindra Rural Housing Finance. Listen to the episode on

“Close to 50% digital SIPs are from B30 towns. Voice tech and platform of choice (whatsapp — end to end transaction process) has enabled the shift”

Arpanarghya Saha, Chief Digital Officer, Nippon India Mutual Fund (NIMF)Listen to the episode on

On Language adoption

“Languages adoption through multilingual voice bots for IVR and WhatsApp channels is integral to remove banking complexities. Whoever does that well, will win over Bharat market”

Ratan Kesh, EVP and Head — Retail Operations and Service at Axis Bank. Listen to the episode on

“The role of our Bancassurance partners has been critical for us to tap the hinterlands and penetrate Bharat. Language is not just a tech problem — we need to keep mapping it back to the (customer acquisition) cycle of awareness, interest, desire and action”

Amit Malik, CEO & Managing Director at Aviva India. Listen to the episode on

“Intensive training, education and financial literacy initiatives in local languages has helped in building trust and awareness and thereafter digital transactions adoption in smaller towns/villages”

R B Santosh Kumar, Vice President, Business Development, Government Engagement at Mastercard, South Asia. Listen to the episode on

Currently, Building for Bharat podcast is in its second season and we are featuring stories of new-age businesses across sectors which have disrupted markets through digital innovation and have built platforms and services not just to include Bharat, but also to delight the Bharat consumer. Catch the latest episodes of Building for Bharat Season 2 on

If you have stories or insights to share about Building for Bharat, write to us at



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