Shifting Gears: Automobile industry re-imagined with Connected Car Experience

In 1913, Henry Ford, a visionary innovator, simplified the automobile manufacturing process by adopting moving assembly lines. Since then, the auto industry has been transforming itself, driven by safety and luxury requirements, technological innovations, and optimised value chain processes. Today, evolving customer expectations are urging OEMs to shift their way of thinking and look beyond providing basic transportation facilities.

Experience is everything

Customers demand experience, and a vital factor of a good experience is flexibility and convenience. It has become necessary for OEM brands to shift from a product-centric approach to a customer-centric one, enabling seamless interactions with the brand and product.

This is where Conversational AI and Voice technology as a user interface comes into the picture. According to Google, about 500 million+ people use Google Assistant every month. Safe to say, voice is the new ‘touch’. Imagine a car owner sitting in the comfort of his apartment on the 20th floor, directing his voice assistant:

Ok Google, Unlock my car door,” and the door unlocks for the car cleaning helper in the parking lot.

Voice for Auto

At Agrahyah, we have developed, designed, and implemented connected cars experience for three leading OEMs. Alexa and Google Assistant are the leading voice assistants in India, accessible across smartphones and other assistant-enabled devices like speakers and smartwatches. We have the experience of building on both platforms in English and regional languages. A presence in voice can provide two kinds of services for an automaker:

  1. Presale information for prospective car owners: to get information about the car models and brand.

2. Remote operations and services to existing car owners: check status, book services, and control the car from remote locations.

The connected car experience is not just about the remote operations but also allows in-car experience. An android auto or Apple CarPlay supported vehicle or a voice assistant integrated infotainment system connects your two expensive possessions — car and home. A simple command while driving home, like “Alexa, set the thermostat at home to 24 degrees Celsius,” ensures a warm and cozy house welcomes you.

A car is no longer a piece of equipment that takes you from point X to Y, and a drive is not just about sitting behind the wheel. OEMs are redefining the experience for customers by using technology to connect the dots.

Know more about how Agrahyah can help you with Conversational AI. Click here to view/download:




We specialize in harvesting cultural insights and data to craft Immersive, technology-driven, brand experiences that place the customer at the heart of it all.

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