The Digital Transformation of Radio is here!

Mic check.. 1..2..3.. and we’re LIVE.

“Hello and welcome. I am your host RJ for today and I hope you are safe and healthy, wherever you are listening from. I am here to have fun, entertain, chat, and have some LIVE interactions with you.”

I hope you read this imagining the voice of your favourite Radio Jockey echoing in your mind, reflecting on their energy behind the mic. If not, then do give it a read again, with this thought.

Back in the day, when TVs were rare, Indians got their share of entertainment, songs and even cricket updates via live commentary on radio transistors, something that millennials now only know as ‘antique’. Now aawaz is on a journey to revolutionize the audio first experience in the country. To add to this, we are excited to announce the launch of #aawazLive, a real-time audio interaction feature on our app and web. India has been an audio-first country but there was (still is) potential to make it available on-demand and in Indian languages. We have spoken about this at length in our blog when we launched aawaz English. Now, #aawazLive is just pushing that envelope further.

Now have interactive sessions, live and in real-time

So, what is #aawazLive? Simply put, it is a real-time audio interaction feature on aawaz. That means a host RJ can organise talk shows, audio sessions, story reading, celebrity interactions, all of that and more, Live. And listeners can not only hear the conversation as it happens, but they can also show their excitement via emojis, comment infinitely, and even participate in a conversation with the RJ.

In the pilot, we brought our popular comic characters, Lallan and Shukla, to interact live with their fans. From laughter and light-hearted conversations to a flood of emojis, it was a raging hit. Also, to stand true to our promise of keeping it free and creating professionally generated audio content, this is neither a club nor a space for anyone and everyone to host a session. We ensure high-quality original content delivered in the most authentic and seamless experience. We already have a live digital radio feed from BIG FM and have also partnered with Fever FM to bring their RJs on #aawazLive in a weekly format, to begin with. We are super excited to explore newer formats with this feature in our arsenal.

Personally, I began my on-demand audio journey a couple of months ago and it has been a delightful change. My screen time has significantly reduced, and I am able to multitask while still consuming entertaining or informative content. I recommend you all to give this a try and have this experience first-hand.

Download our mobile applications or visit to explore.

You can also read what the print has to say about #aawazLive, here.




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