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Aparna Singh
Agrahyah Technologies
3 min readJun 7, 2022


#aawazGujarati, Now Live.

A new year necessitates a new language at Aawaz. Staying true to our purpose to entertain you in your home language, we have now launched the Gujarati edition with a diverse show lineup to suit every mood.

But why Gujarati? Well, there are a million reasons, let’s shed light on a few of these.

In addition to being India’s 6th most widely spoken language, which equates to around 4.5% of the nation’s total population, it is also the native language of a number of notable figures who have made major contributions to the nation’s development.

Right from India’s founding father, Mahatma Gandhi, India’s Iron Man, Vallabhbhai Patel, the first Indian aviator, late JRD Tata to the late business magnate Dhirubhai Ambani, the one thing that binds them together is the common native language. Do we need to say more? :)

Our journey commenced with launching aawaz in January 2019, and there has been no looking back since. We have extended to Indian English, Marathi, Urdu, and the most recent addition to the family is Gujarati, reflecting our goal of creating meaningful content in Indian languages. And this is just a warm-up to unleash the depth of creativity.

While there is a buffet of shows available to tingle every mood, here’s a quick glimpse of Gujarati shows currently aired on the platform:

Gujarat Na Mandiro: Gujarat is home to one of India’s most renowned temples, but have you ever wondered what makes these holy shrines so significant to attract tourists from all over the country? The answer lies in ‘Gujarat Na Mandiro’. The audio broadcast takes you on a spiritual trip from the comfort of your home, unveiling the untold tales behind these sacred spots. Tune in to get one step closer to an ideal spiritual gateway.

Swami Vivekanand Jivan Kavan: The audio show explores the remarkable life of the Indian philosopher Swami Vivekanand via a trip down memory lane. It sheds light on some of the most captivating stories of a futuristic leader. It also discusses his role in globalizing yoga, the major Hindu reform movements, the time he represented Hinduism in the Chicago Parliament of the World’s Religions, and much more.

Gijubhai Ni Balvartao: ‘Gijubhai Ni Balvartao’, is a narration of top picks written by Gujarat’s pioneer educationist ‘Gijubhai Badheka’ to keep the little ones entertained. Be it the long summer vacation or play breaks, the show is designed to keep your kid engaged without the need for a digital screen, while also helping them develop strong listening skills. Quite a win-win situation there, mate?

Melody Eve With Praher Vora: What goes into the creation of iconic Gujarati tracks? In this show, host and music composer Praher Vora delves deeper to unveil some enthralling tales behind the making of Gujarati blockbusters, and what it takes to write melodies that resonate near-unanimously with the people of Gujarat.

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