Studio State of Mind

By Alfredo A. Weeks VI

Studios are popping up all over the place. New ideas to depict contrasting notions in productivity and self-growth is how we make and create the future for the Advertising & Graphic Design industry. The real change is seen once we stop allowing the old school business model stereotypes lead the way in the dynamics of the day to day functions.

“Yes, I was that guy with every dead end job you can imagine. While after hours I was relentless in pursuing, learning and discovering the best ways to feed my entrepreneurial spirit.”

The 9 till die grind is over. I mean the constant day to day wake up, go to work and clock out routine is played out. There is more potential to get out and get up to start your thing; even if it means starting out of your garage. I still see the vast majority of people buying into the fear of not having something stable. Finding the balance between your career and everything else in life you want to accomplish is pretty hard. Especially if you don’t have paid time off, maternity or paternity leave and countless other things that would be important to maintain your sanity. Jobs are great, but when it comes to taking a job over you bettering your future self, somethings gotta change.

Yes, I was that guy with every dead end job you can imagine. While after hours I was relentless in pursuing, learning and discovering the best ways to feed my entrepreneurial spirit. Relentless? Yes, and I mean that with with a capital R. It felt like work never stopped for me, and I loved it. Who knows I might just have to go back to that dead end job if things start spiraling out of control. No shame in my game. I just dread the idea in being stuck in an environment where incompetence always wins, while efficiency is never rewarded. Its insanity to be finished with work in the middle of the afternoon and not be allowed to leave in order to pursue everything you want to achieve and become in life.

“How can you expect a team of creative types to grow in a cubicle?”

There are great companies out there who thrive on changing the rhythm of things to keep everyone on their toes. The possibility in falling back in to the same ole business as usual trap triggers the thought of “In advertising not to be different is virtual suicide”. This includes the spaces we work in as well. Everyone is not meant to open an office on the 20th floor of a high rise. But to most this is what success looks like. Pushing against the grain does wonders sometimes all while taking heed to the mistakes that we made in the past.

Fueling your ingenuity can be directly related to your surroundings. How can you expect a team of creative types to grow in a cubicle? So, we risked it with our own team by giving up the office space, saving some cash and seeing how we would function.

The first couple of months we were trying to adjust to the reset. Some of our team flaked, others stayed around but the core people were solid. And when I say core, I mean me and my wife. Then, finally we got it. The key was to find where your clients are most comfortable. All I need to say is coffee shop. Pro, great energetic atmosphere. Con, things can get pretty loud and if you are there to often everything you wear will start smelling like espresso.

There are many other things to consider, but it’s just about finding the right space for your team and your clients. Getting in good with friends or business acquaintances who are in on certain projects is a great way to have a space to meet. Its not all about having a great looking studio to express how different and authentic your team is. There are other ways to do just that.

As a small creative group we are enjoying the freedom from going into an office. If we need to meet we’d go for lunch or dinner. Clients don’t mind it, actually they prefer an out of the office experience because it feels a lot less like work and more like they’re enjoying themselves. On the back side we’re seeing how much more time we have to pursue other things we are passionate about.

“There is nothing in this world more important than yourself”

Things we’d love to grow at and believe one day in the near future were going to take that big leap to pursue our dreams. Can you imagine trying to go after everything you love behind a desk all day. Well if you are stuck behind a desk, hope and pray your in a situation where supervisors can appreciate whatever out of the office thing you’er into.

Never look down on the person who has that 9–5 grind. I just ask for you to believe there are other ways out there to be productive. Pursue what makes you happy because there is nothing in this world more important than yourself. If you can’t take care of yourself first, then it’s a lost cause trying to help others when your most in need.

Thinking about opening your own business while still working a full time job? How about going back to school? I scream it to the top of my lungs; Liberate yourselves! From the entrepreneur to the day to day employees, find ways to free yourselves from this typical old-school way of doing business. C’mon stop trying to survive and let’s try and figure out better ways to live.